NHS Services




Here at Barton we offer all our patient NHS treatments.

The charges for NHS treatment are set by the NHS and therefore they are fixed prices. 

The current NHS charges are as follows:

Band 1 - £23.80

Band 2 - £65.20

Band 3 - £282.80

Emergency Charge - £23.80

If you require Band 2 or Band 3 treatment you will be given a treatment plan which will ensure that you know what treatment you are going to have an also how much it will cost you in total.

You can find all the up to date charges and what is included in which band on the NHS choices Website


Check-ups are recommended every 6 months to a year dependant on the dentist's recommendation.

Unfortunately, due to high demand for NHS dental treatment, your registration will lapse if you do not attend the practice for 2 years. Once your registration has lapsed you will need to re-register with the practice, as long as we are accepting new patients at that time.